Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I’m currently in Bong, the other ETU about two hours north of Kakata. I’m not actually AT the ETU, I’m at the university that is housing everyone for the ETU. The trip up here was eventful. You might think that the road would be enough excitement with all the potholes and manoeuvring around  construction sites and anything and everything else in your way but we ended up with a flat tire. Our driver removed the flat and was unable to jack up the car anymore to put the spare on. Good thing he pulled onto the dirt. He ended up having to dig so the tire would fit. I’m up here for training for the next few days. They have just as many patients as we do… hardly any. It’s a good thing, but not what I was expecting. Hopefully this means the outbreak is decreasing. I went for a walk around the university today and met the French professor for the university. He was telling me that it should be opening next month along with the other schools in the country. I have been hearing rumours to this and hopefully they will be true! It’s crazy driving by so many schools and not seeing a single child at any of them. All schools closed and any large gatherings were forbidden when the outbreak got out of control. 

Here are some pictures of the ETU I am at:

Just kidding. I tried... many times to upload pics. Will have to be for another post. Internet is driving me crazy these days.

The girl I wrote about in the previous post is doing well. She still spikes fevers at times but overall she is doing well!

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