Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I wrote this post ten days ago. We were without internet for over a week so I wasn’t able to post it. Here it is…

I was told that one day the temperature would change and hot season would be here.

That day came yesterday, April 1. I wish I could say it was an April fools joke, but with a temperature of 106 degrees, it wasn’t a joke. I moved a table into my bedroom, turned on my fan and air conditioner and tried to stay cool. Many people move into their bedrooms for the hot season because the smaller rooms stay cooler if you have ac. My ac decides to blow hot air sometimes which makes it worse.

I have learned there are some things you shouldn’t do when the temperature is above 105:
*Don’t sit on your couch if it is covered in fabric. It will just make you sweat more.
*Don’t sit with your computer on your lap while it is on. I was afraid for my life and the life of my computer for a second when I realized the computer was sitting in a pool of sweat on my lap.
*Don’t stop drinking water. You should really drink ORS, oral rehydration, frequently. It’s impossible to keep up with your water intake.
*Don’t think a cold shower will cool you down. The pipes just heat up the water so your cold shower is now a warm shower. When you reach for your towel, don’t expect it to be cool. Wrapping yourself in your towel is like wrapping a towel around you which has just come from the dryer. Getting dressed, again, is like freshly pulling clothes from the dryer. Everything is warm.
*Getting into bed at night is like laying on warm sheets, again, from the dryer.
*Sleeping under a mosquito net, although a necessity, increases the temperature even more…
*Don’t cook or use your oven. All it will do is increase the temperature in your house.
*Don’t stand in the sun to talk if you run into someone on the road. Walk your conversation into the shade. There is a huge temperature difference between the sun and shade.
*Don’t make the wrong decision when you debate which is worse: not sleeping under a mosquito net because it increases the temperature you have to sleep in, or risk malaria.

Please don’t think I am complaining. I’m not. It’s just another thing I need to learn if I am going to be living in Niger.

Ten days since I wrote this post. Changes in the heat since… 114 degrees in the shade yesterday.