Sunday, October 19, 2008

Monitors and sleepless nights...

I bet you have all figured everyone is home now from the hospital. A week today. It seems so much longer! For the most part everyone is doing ok. Lucy and Sam have lost a bit of weight and Rebecca keeps getting rashes from meds she is put on, but overall everyone is doing great. The other night I had a tough night at work and when I got home in the morning I went in to see them. They were both sleeping in their bunny meadow theme crib and Lucy turned her head until her nose touched Sam's head. When Sam felt Lucy he smiled the biggest smile ever in his sleep. It was the cutest! Mom and dad came for a week and helped out. When they all came home last Sunday I was on monitor duty because Stephen had to do school in the morning. All I have to say it that it was a long night... Mom took over that duty as a grandma when she was here for the week. Aunt Meg and Mattie Rose came by too for a short visit. So great to see them! Meg is coming by again next week. If you are reading this you should stay over night... take the monitor... Anyone else who wants to take the monitor for the night, just let me know! Stephen's mom and sister and her family are here now for a couple days. More grandmas to love on the kids. I leave Coeur d' Alene in a little over a month. I am already going to miss them!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The twins have arrived!!!

The day finally came yesterday when Lucy Awesome Smith and Samuel Awesome Smith made their entrance into the world! Rebecca, Stephen and I checked in Monday night to start induction and the babies decided to hold off for 38 hours before they both made their way out. Lucy came out as most babies would at 8:55 and was seven pounds! When she came out she closed the door behind her, leaving her brother to not have a way out, or a very small way out at best. Because his heart rate was dropping with all the contractions, he needed a c-section to get out. Rebecca was a trooper and did a great job with everything. Sam came out at 10:45 weighing 6 pounds 3 ounces. I must say they are beautiful children! Stephen did a great job helping Rebecca through everything and is doing a wonderful job as a dad! Keep reading...I will be on here more now that there is more excitement in our lives!